PU Coated Gloves

PU coated gloves are a perfect fit for various tasks. The thin yet sturdy coating provides excellent grip and dexterity, making them a great option for intricate tasks. They are comfortable to wear and offer great protection from dirt, dust, and other small particles. These gloves are ideal for people who require a combination of durability, flexibility, and safety. They can be used for tasks ranging from construction and gardening to handling delicate items. When handling sensitive electronic components, it's vital that you protect yourself against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can be damaging both to products and personnel. The ESD Anti-Static Gloves are designed to dissipate static electricity safely, and have a breathable back and ultra-thin design to ensure the user stays comfortable as well as protected at all times.For more information or a product recommendation, please contact our DDSAFETY customer care team on 0086-13388619993 or at sale@ddsafety.cn